Arjun Bhardwaj

Director & CEO — Leading from the front

Mr Arjun Bhardwaj completed his schooling from the prestigious Scindia School, a princely institution located within the premises of the Gwalior Fort. Established in the year 1897, the school was initially meant only for the royal scions but turned into a public school in 1933. Mr Arjun Bhardwaj, coming from a prestigious family of builders and entrepreneurs himself, grew up and gained his initial life lessons in such glorious learning environs.

Completing his graduation in BBA from IP University, and MBA from IILM Lodhi Road, two very prominent educative landmarks within the national capital territory of the country, Mr Bhardwaj is a young, next-gen entrepreneur who believes in working with a difference, for making a difference. Having executed multiple social and entrepreneurial projects to fruition, he, today, focuses solely on bringing about social changes through his entrepreneurial endeavours.