About Us

Director — The cornerstone

Mr Vinayak Bhardwaj is the bulwark of JKM Enterprises. With long-standing indulgences in infrastructural developmental works, he is an expert in construction and the real estate industry holding a commendable experience of 25 years…

Director & CEO — Leading from the front

Mr Arjun Bhardwaj completed his schooling from the prestigious Scindia School, a princely institution located within the premises of the Gwalior Fort. Established in the year 1897.the school was initially meant only for the royal scions but turned into a public school in 1933 ….

Partner — The commandant

Mr Manoj Lakkra is the go-to person at JKM Enterprises when it comes to both sales and purchase. An experienced entrepreneur, he has above 20 years experience in construction and the real estate industry. Remembered affectionately….

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