Manoj Lakkra

Partner — The commandant

Mr Manoj Lakkra is the go-to person at JKM Enterprises when it comes to both sales and purchase. An experienced entrepreneur, he has above 20 years experience in construction and the real estate industry. Remembered affectionately by friends and peers for pioneering many successful digital projects, Mr Lakkra lends his brand of zeal and high-octane energy to JKM Enterprises.

Mr Lakkra has particular expertise in building eco-friendly, green and smart residential complexes in India. With in-depth knowledge of how to integrate bio-CNG, eco-friendly green lighting and artificial intelligence with other infrastructural amenities, he holds the right skill set to create magic in building next-generation homes.

Since owning a prestigious residential address also requires a lot of financial planning, Mr Lakkra doubles up as an experienced financial guide. He holds the reputation of being always ready to help all who approach him for financial counselling.

Mr Lakkra’s great-grandfather was a contributor to the Indian independence movement and a recipient of the Harit Kranti Award. His grandfather was in the army and had served the nation in such proud capacity. Mr Manoj Lakkra is, therefore, well-respected for all the good reasons.